Innovations in ecology today - the regulated composition of organic fertilizers for any type of crop.

Pospeta 2.0 is a fundamentally new, unique 100% organic fertilizer with a fully adjustable composition for any type of crop!
The high content and precise composition of vitamins and minerals necessary for the field will provide a healthy and healthy crop of high quality, as well as an increase in soil fertility at low prices.

About the new product:

Pospeta 2.0 vermigrun

Rich natural vermicompost based on animal and crop waste.

Pospeta 2.0 peatsoil

Mixture of natural vermicompost and treated horse litter.

Pospeta 2.0 universal

liquid fertilizer with a high content of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, as well as essential micronutrients for plant growth and stimulation of the development of a variety of soil microorganisms, which is the basis of the mechanisms of natural self-regulation and soil stability.

About the production process:

The main scientific and technical task in creating a production of complex organic fertilizers with a controlled composition is the automation of the processes of dosing substrates and control of technological parameters of the vermicomposting process to ensure the required content of biologically active substances during the industrial production of custom products.

It is planned to automate the loading, dosing and control of the composition of both the direct input production components (substrates) and the composition and homogeneity of the working mixture of substrates after mixing for feeding into the vermireactor.

Thus, organic waste that makes up the nutrient substrate for vermicomposting will be separated by types and included in the nutrient mixture in accordance with the developed recipe – this will allow you to control the nutrition process and regulate the final composition of the product.


The resulting product can be adjusted in composition for the specific needs of the customer.

The technology planned for implementation is based on the idea of ​​classical vermicomposting with the use of modern technical solutions.


All components of the nutrient substrate for worms are pre-analyzed and prepared for production without the use of chemical components. The entire production process takes place with continuous monitoring of the state of the environment and vermicomposting processes using a set of sensors and analyzers.


The composition of the final product is constantly correlated with the parameters of the feedstock and is controlled for each batch of the resulting product.

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