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AltaPlanta is the largest company in the Russian organic farming market. The main activities of the company are: the production of organic fertilizers, the creation of high-tech EcoFarm, Agro trading, Agricultural consulting. AltaPlanta is constantly increasing its position in each of these industries.
— AltaPlantais a team of innovators and enthusiasts who are united by the idea of a healthy food for everyone living on the planet.

The team of the project

Artem Drobkov
Artem Drobkov
tel.: +7 (812) 611-23-00 ext. 01
Innovator and leader who knows how to build a company and achieve its goals.
Vitaly Nevmerzhitsky
Vitaly Nevmerzhitsky
Managing director
+7 (812) 611-23-00 ext. 07
Alexander Skorik
Alexander Skorik
Commercial Director
+7 812 611 23 00 ext. 05
Master with enormous experience in sales and marketing.
Ksenia Titova
Ksenia Titova
+7 812 611 23 00 доб. 06
An expert in the sphere of optimal supply organization.
Anastasia Durova
Anastasia Durova
Head of Science Department
+7 812 611 23 00
An expert in the development of scientific and technical solutions.

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